best-in-class MWD solutions

MWD Services

Premier owns, operates and maintains an industry-leading fleet of MWD Systems. With support from Mission Control, our expert-staffed, remote command center, you can be assured of unparalleled service reliability.

Premier MWD

Harnessing over 100 years of combined MWD experience to provide best-in-class MWD solutions to our customers.

Unified Guidance EM-MP MWD System

Single system housed within a 17’ tool considered to be the strongest EM in the industry. With data rates up to 16 bps, Premier’s unique rotary-style pulser has a proven track record in high solids and LCM due to anti-jamming protocol.

Decades of experience with the Unified Telemetry System translates into hundreds of successful deployments across all major U.S. basins.

Mud pulse and EM telemetries can be operated independently or simultaneously to provide optimum data capture and downhole environment understanding.

Signal enhancing surface antenna enables EM feasibility in all US basins with one antenna capable of multi-well or multi-pad drilling. Job execution is a low HSE risk deployment that provides major cost savings.

Guidance MP MWD System

Highly ruggedized MWD platform proven in high shock and stick-slip applications including up to 3.5 bps data telemetry with the industry’s most reliable surface decoding.

A rotary servo pulse driver is deployed to achieve the highest degree of pulser reliability. The Pulser is LCM / solids proven at higher flow rates, resulting in fewer issues and more drilling.

Aerospace developed directional module provides continuous AZM and INC, downhole RPM, rotational MWD configs, real-time shock and vibration and more.

Bulk gamma ray leverages the most reliable gamma ray package on the market today. An optional, integrated Azimuthal Gamma Ray (rotational GR) is available.

FieldView™ logging suite provides industry best-in-class customer deliverables.